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Cheap Physio massage service in Highgate near Muswell Hill, Hampstead to treat back pain, treat leg pain, treat neck pain

Welcome to the SLP links page


We have included links to help you on your road to recovery. These include links ranging from exercises you can do at home, work on on-the-go, to forums where you can meet others experiencing similar issues. Sue Levine will guide you through the process from start to finish and in order to get maximum benefit out of your treatment it is advised you use these resources to complement your treatment.


Here are some exercise routines you can follow at home to get the most out of your treatment. Sue can do the majority of the hard work but it's important to keep up the hard work to get maximum benefit out of the treatment.

Physiotherapy Exercises


Wake-up Workout

Knee Pain

Back Pain

Co-ordination & Balance

Rotator Cuff & Shoulder

Shoulder Pain

Foot Pain

Neck Pain

Tennis Elbow

Forums & Help

We've included some forums below where you can be a part of a community with others experiencing the same problems as yourself

Back, Neck & Lower Back Pain


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